Costly Mistakes in Selling a Home

By Matthew Leslie (San Diego CPA)

Putting the home on the market too early. This usually happens because the seller is impatient with the process.  Presentation is very very important to get a good price.

Spending too much on major improvement before the sale.  Just do enough to get the house in really good shape, the way you would like to see it if you were buying it.

Pricing the home way above market. Usually this pricing strategy ends in failure.

Hiring the wrong agent. Make sure they have a proven track record.

Getting too involved in the sale of the home.  After you decide to sell your house, let a professional and experienced agent sell it.

Not disclosing problems up front.  California has a property disclosure/disclaimer form, since you do not want problems down the road, take time to list the issues and/or problems.

Not having everything ready to do before you start to sell the property.  Avoiding this kind of mistake is pretty easy and the internet is full of resources and  qualified agents. It pays to do some research early on.

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